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What's Emerald High?

I don't know either! *slapped* but hopefully, once I get some solid ideas and plots down, it'll be a Webcomic or series of short novels!

If all else fails, it'll just be a comedy series of comic strips or something...

  • It's a semingly never-ending project I hope will interest and entertain people. It deals with many issues from family problems, sexuality, mental health, bullies etc. but is also very light-hearted and comical most the time! 

So err, feel free to look around here... though there's mainly copy/pasted content so far lol.  As totally selfish as it sounds lol: Please do not edit anything on here! Since I'm not entirely sure how to protect all the pages and blah... this is simply an organized "EHcyclopedia" for self reference/a dumping ground for all the info on my computer XD

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